Homeward Bound Plate - 8 Inch - 2nd Quality

Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge

The “Homeward Bound” collector plate designed by Jill Barklem in a series of four Sea Story plates from The Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Gift Collection.

On the back of the plate it reads "They scrambled down the cliff to the Periwinkle and with some difficulty loaded everything on board".

The plate measures approximately 8 inches in diameter and is dated 2001.

This decorative plate is in very good condition however it there is a scratch rather unusually through the logo at the bottom of the plate (rather than through the Royal Doulton logo at the top) signifying that it is of second quality. On close inspection of the front there are two dimples/pin pricks under the glaze near the mouse's ear. These can be felt but are not that noticeable unless the plate is slightly tilted into the light. Also the R is Homeward Bound doesnt appear to have been printed correctly. I presume this is why the plate is marked as being of second quality - it is not perfect but still a lovely addition to your collection.