Six Piece Cake Spoon and Cake Slice Set

Copyrights Brambly Hedge

A six-piece Jill Barklem Brambly Hedge cake slice and cake spoon set.

The front of the box shows Clover toasting on the fire and reads "Jill Barklem - Brambly Hedge - Mrs. Toadflax put fresh wood on the fire, and set Clover to work with the toasting fork. Soon they were all sitting round the table, eating hot buttered toast, drinking blackberry leaf tea, and making plans for the day ahead."

Open the lid and there is a picture of Poppy Eyebright and Dusty Dogwood from The Summer Story and the box contains a gold coloured metal cake slice and 5 matching cake spoons all resting in the silk lined box.

Each of the six items of cutlery have the words Jill Barklem and Brambly Hedge at the top of the handle together with a picture and there are four different pictures across the six items.

The spoons are around 5 1/8th inches in length and the overall length of the cake slice is around 7 1/2 inches.

Please note that the box is a little tatty as there is a crease or two to the lid itself, there are some dark marks to the inside of the lid, the corners of the box have been bent over the years and have been slightly damaged however none of this detracts from the overall look of this fantastic and now hard to find set and the actual cake slice and cake spoons are all still in their original plastic packets and are all in excellent condition. There is a sticker on the side of the box that simply states Copyrights Authorized Seal and another with the original barcode.