The Infant Academy Plate after Joshua Reynolds

Wedgwood Black Basalt

A Wedgwood basalt jasper fluted plate featuring a central bas-relief depicting the painting entitled 'The Infant Academy' which was modelled by William Hackwood in 1789. Underneath in gold writing it reads 'The Infact Academy after Joshua Reynolds".

The artwork shows a nude boy sitting before an easel, with oval canvas; another child sits for her portrait; on one side of her is a child placing feather on cap, and another wrapped in a gauze veil.

In gold writing on the back of the plate it reads "Sir Joshua Rynolds 1723 - 1792 - President of the Royal Academy 1768. The Infant Academy bas-relief was modelled by William Hackwood in 1789 from the painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Reynolds, knighted in 1769, was a friend of Josiah Wedgwood F.R.S and painted portraits of Josiah and his wife Sarah. In 1790 he wrote a certificate of admiration and approval of Wedgwood's Portland Vase. Number 971 in a limited edition of 2500".

The plate measures approximately 10 inches in diameter and is stamped 'Wedgwood Made in England' on the back.

The plate has been previously owned, it is first quality and is in very good condition.